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The Next Step - June 17th 8am to 1pm at the Skagit Shooting Range
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 Have you taken a Basic Pistol Class and want to take the Next Step? This is the class for you! Learn to safely, efficiently, and accurately shoot and handle a firearm. You will learn to properly draw, present the gun on target, shoot accurately, reload the gun, clear malfunctions, and safely re-holster the firearm in a comfortable learning environment. We will review firearm safety, firearm nomenclature and function. Refine stance and grip. Introduce and practice draws, sight picture, proper trigger control, reloads and re-holstering. This is an active class; you will be shooting up to 250 rounds and performing multiple repetitions of each step.
Classes are limited to 4 students with 2 instructors for your optimal learning experience. A 2:1 Student/Teacher ratio! This is a phenomenal value!

Included in the price of the class are the use of a range gun, holster, a mag pouch, and eye and ear pro. You may use your own pre-approved equipment.

Guns and Lace Basic Concealed Handgun or Equivalent Basic Pistol
Requirements if using range equipment & Ammo Package:
-Sturdy belt (1 1.5 inch in width)
-Closed Toed Shoes & High Neck, Tuckable Shirt
Requirements if using Your Own Equipment (Call to register for lower price):
-Full Sized Handgun (Preferably 9mm)
-2 Magazines
-Outside the Waistband Rigid Holster (No cloth or SERPA holsters)
-Single Magazine Pouch
-250 Rounds of 9mm (Brass cased, TMJ or FMJ rounds)
-Sturdy Belt (1-1.5 inch in width)
-Closed Toed Shoes & High Neck, Tuckable Shirt

Class will be held at Skagit Shooting Range 1340 Bouslog Rd, Burlington, Wa